Mission of The Eye of a Needle

The mission of this blog and its attending newsletter is to raise awareness of homelessness in Brighton and Hove. It is to serve as a document to the plight, stigma and sufferings of the homeless and also aims to give a voice to those who are rendered voiceless in society. The mission aims to develop a blog and magazine on which not just the editor, but the homeless themselves can contribute articles on whatever concerns them, so that their voices may be heard and their opinions respected. It is the view of the editor that unless Government at a local and national level recognises the contribution of the homeless to society and encourages their active participation in that society, then the scourge of homelessness will not only remain a constant, but will increase. The secondary aim of both the newsletter and blog is to raise awareness of the Catholic Faith, to spread knowledge of the Catholic Faith, devotion to the Blessed Mother of God, Mary, Ever Virgin, and to St Anthony of Padua.