Brighton Man Alleges Glenwood Lodge Evicted Him on False Grounds

Grand Parade, Brighton
A Brighton man named Ben has alleged that Glenwood Lodge homeless hostel evicted him at the weekend on false allegations that he spat at one of the workers. The hostel in Grand Parade (pictured left) left the man outside for reasons which left the man totally mystified.

Ben, aged in his 40s, insists that the worker at the hostel refused to allow him into the building so that he could sleep in his room - something which has never happened before.  He was told that he was no longer welcome at the hostel, yet he maintains that he was not given any valid reason for this being the case.

Having been refused entry into the hostel, where he has been resident for around 6 months, he became angry and visibly upset by the actions of the worker. Due to his behaviour upon hearing that he was no longer welcome, he was then arrested by Sussex Police and spent 14 hours in Hollingbury Police Station only to be released on bail. The Brighton man awaits a decision from Sussex Police as to whether he is guilty of anything, or not. In the meantime, however, the man is homeless.

He was refused entry to the hostel and was told that he had spat deliberately at one of the workers. He maintains that this allegation is without substance and that it is false, claiming that the CCTV would show any evidence of such an action on his part.  The man has been made homeless by the hostel, and he alleges that the hostel worker did not fetch him any clothes, food, or even his sleeping bag, from his room, so that he could keep warm at night.

He alleges that this is the second time in a year that this has happened to him. The last time it occurred was at New Steine Mews and he was evicted in winter. Again, he was arrested, only to be found innocent of any crime. Still, however, despite his innocence, the hostel kept by their decision to evict him, even though the police found no reason to take any action, to prosecute or follow up the allegation. He was left, once more, in deep winter, to survive in the cold with no duvet, sleeping bag or any of his belongings.


  1. my friend has had similar experiences in hostels in brighton .why is a so called civilised country leaving people to die on the streets of hyperthermia.something needs to be done about this desperate situation.are you thinking of lobbying brighton council?

  2. I work in another Hostel in Brighton where we had a man of same age and name. He was a very difficult indivdual to work with and had to be evicted from here also!

  3. Anonymous 2

    I've known him for quite a long time. He's been happy where he is now for a good long time.


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