Excellent Article on the BHT Shipping Containers Fiasco

Courtesy of Vice

So, how did artist Charlie Devus come to call a 40-foot metal shipping container home? “In this place, we’re all God’s polyps.

All of us flow according to the tides,” he explains, as he gives me a guided tour of his new abode. The process began when Brighton Housing Trust, a local housing charity, found him a flat that had been flipped straight out of an Irvine Welsh novel.

“I couldn’t stay there. There was this giant hole just pouring water down through the ceiling. It was just insane – and I had to leave, quickly,” he shudders. So, a few months later, while construction was still being carried out on a new flagship housing project, Brighton Housing Trust suggested he move in and try it out.

Along with its stony beach and gigantic seagulls, Brighton has another defining factor: It’s home to one of the biggest homeless populations on the South Coast.

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